Moscow, Metro Lubyanka, Kuznetsky most st., 21/5
Phone/Fax: (495) 626-00-44 (Many Lines), (495) 589-05-84, (916) 021-05-35

We provide the following service:

Extrajudicial and juridical means of debt collection from non-juridical or juridical persons.

  • The return of huge debts based on any forms (raw materials, goods, any materials etc)
  • Provide help and assistance between debtors and creditors
  • Prevention of hostile company takeovers
  • All kinds of juridical services

Our advantages in comparison with our competitors:

  • Commission for the service is only paid when collection of debts is settled
  • We treat our clients as our friends
  • We provide a wide variety of services
  • The recovery of uncontracted (absence of agreement) problem debts
  • High success rate of problem resolution

Our service to actual people:

  • Expert evaluation
  • We search and establish the place where the client's subject lives
  • Reduction of expenses
  • We guarantee confidentiality
  • If we work to recover your debts, we will work until the end result is achieved

Our service to juridical persons:

  • To study and analyse documents
  • Debt restructuring
  • Acting as trusted partners in the management of debts
  • The use of legal action against debtors
  • Meetings with contesting parties
  • Complex measures in how to get your debts back