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Our Corporation was founded in order to help different organizations and actual individual people to solve difficult problems connected with hostile takeovers, debt recovery and in regulating difficult relationships between business partners.

Our staff consists of highly professional specialists such as psychologists, lawyers; specialists who are able to solve any conflicts, former workers of relevant establishment structures who have worked in the field of solving business partners conflicts, and debt disputes for more than 10 years. We are able to achieve a satisfactory end result within a short period of time.

We try to arrange individual access to every client. We try to take into account economical, social and psychological subtle nuances in our work.

Our corporation takes on the responsibility of exposing any shadowy activities of debtors, thus stimulating them to return the monies owed. We lead work in all fields of economical activities: delivery of goods, or the sale and purchase of goods; banking credit and private loan services etc.

Our experts advise on avoiding or having risks in business. We could help you to regulate difficult relationships with your business partners that aim to avoid damaging conflicts that may harm future business relations.

Together with partners we solve tasks on providing complex services to enterprises and companies in the fields of economical security. In addition we provide a detective service and an information gathering and analytical service.

When studying an assigned problem, the corporation will analyse in details this individual situation, thus enabling us to provide a recommendation on how best to solve the problem, and how best to avoid any threats that may work against the interests of our clients.

We base our activities in both Russia and overseas. Thanks to the special approach adopted in the solving of problems, we have a huge experience and highly professional personnel who work within the tight confines with the relevant competent bodies and power structures. We are able to solve effectively any difficult task.

Our Corporation helps its clients within the field of law.

Our team consists of highly professional experts and specialists. We follow the rule of narrow specialization: a lawyer has to be highly professional in his field of law. The use of an effective management team and its ability to work as a team, guarantees that no matter how complex a problem is, the team will work for the best interests of the client.

As a rule the weak point in any problem is a range of juridical mistakes which tend to have been made before the co-operation with a law company. 'Bastion Group' has a significant staff resource to provide its clients with the help of lawyers to defend the client's interests in court. However, the main part of a job is to help our clients avoid any unnecessary juridical problems. The major priority of our work is to subscribe to the juridical services. Our working experience with juridical persons has proved to be the most expedient means to resolve complex issues.

The Bastion Group Corporation co-operates with governmental structures, such as the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Insurance Supervision, Federal Service on Financial Markets and so on.

We provide a service that specializes in obtaining different documents and licenses under special conditions. We also consult on the strategy and mission of a client's company and on how to develop the safety of the business. We lead business training of different levels and in different spheres: finance, law etc.

Our slogan is: "Modern business needs a reliable legal defence". A successful company needs high-quality juridical and consulting service. We are able to provide this service.